Test a new operating system

Welcome to DistroTest.net

On our website you will find a selection of operating systems,
which you can test online without installation in the simplest way.

There are no restrictions here:
You can use all functions of the system,
Uninstall and install software, test installed programs and
even delete or format the hard disk or system files...

Here are the TOP 10 systems:

TOP Image Name Published
#1 Linux Mint (18.3 Xfce) Unknown
#2 Puppy Linux (Xenialpup 7.5 CE) Unknown
#3 Damn Small Linux (4.11.RC2) Unknown
#4 Archlinux (2018.01.01) 2018.02.27 19:00
#5 Sabayon (16.11 XFCE) Unknown
#6 Lubuntu (17.10) Unknown
#7 OpenMandriva (Lx 3.03) Unknown
#8 Solus (3 BUDGIE) Unknown
#9 FreeBSD (11.1) Unknown
#10 Fedora Workstation (27) Unknown