Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please read our FAQ first before mailing us:

Have the systems a internet connection ?
Short answer: no.
No system have a internet connection.
Because some people did forbidden things with it.

How can I install software ?
There are 2 ways:
You can upload files directly into the VM.
Simply start the system you would like and use the file upload section at the page.
or you can install software which is provided on the system disc.
The installation disc is inserted in the CD/DVD drive.

Are my changes away after I stop the machine ?
If you have a timeout or stopped the VM, all your changes will be lost.
Your running system is like a read-only image.
You can make any changes during the time you are running the system.

Can I request a new system ?
Yes, of course.
We are adding all requested systems - if it is possible.
Please send us a mail to:

I can not connect to the VMs !
If you are trying to connect via VNC, please disconnect the noVNC first.
Please make sure the port range 5700 to 5999 are not blocked by a firewall.
If it still does not work now, there might be a problem with our servers.
Please write us a short message and we hope to resolve it.